New Data Protection Act

Legal Update

Data Protection Act 2018

It was tempting to think GDPR would be all we had, but unfortunately that was never going to be the case. GDPR left many things for member states to decide for themselves, so we needed something to fill those gaps.

With the venerable Data Protection Act 1998 being repealed by GDPR the new Data Protection Act 2018 is the outcome.

The DPA 2018 is a massive document stretching to 354 pages of legal detail. Some of it is likely to challenge regular thinking, such as setting the legal age for 'digital consent' at just 13, the lowest age permitted by GDPR.

Other elements make perfect sense, it is now a criminal offence to de-anonymise anonymous personal data, what a good idea! Much of the document re-states GDPR in a British style.

It will take some time to absorb and getting it enacted earlier would have helped. But we'll post more as we find interesting elements.

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